Go Green!

If you´re sitting in a conventional office building while you read this, take a minute to listen to your surroundings.

The HVAC system, the lights, the water, the elevators, the power and cooling for technology, the heating and cooling for people: all contribute to making buildings a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions which is a leading energy user. In fact, by 2025, buildings will use more energy that any other category of "consumer".

Already today, in the United States, they represent 70% of energy use 40% of the world´s current output of raw materials goes into buildings. This is estimated at about a billion tons annually.

Buildings account for 70% of current U.S. electricity use

Buildings are one of the heaviest consumers of natural resources and account for significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change. In the United States alone buildings account for 38% of all CO2 emissions.

In short buildings are expensive in terms of real estate and operating cost which actually cost the planet. Fortunately, identifying some of the key causes has helped United Fidelity relocate to greener more efficient buildings. Managing and reducing carbon output & water inefficiencies have advanced techniques to establish ongoing carbon footprints allowing our firm to make sound management practices.